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Tuesday, April 16, 2024



The leader of Vietfoods - Portrait of an energetic and brave woman

More than 20 years is the time for Vietfoods to have a spectacular comeback, become a brand honored on many major forums, and achieve many impressive achievements. And one of the pioneers in that reverse water is Ms. Le Thi Hau Phuong, Director of Vietnam Food Joint Stock Company. Sticking with ⅔ of the construction and development journey of Vietfoods, Ms. Phuong has left many special marks in the strong rise of the unit as it is today.

Today, women are more and more successful, they have more land to shine and prove their ability. However, society still has many views that women's success is much easier than men's, and behind every shadow there is no support of a powerful backer. However, that is not the story of Ms. Le Thi Hau Phuong at all. Overcoming social prejudices, she boldly affirmed the position of a competent, successful and brave modern woman.

The success of the female captain of Vietfoods does not come from the four words "predestined" and "luck", it is the result of study, effort and tireless efforts. From 2007 to 2019, Ms. Phuong has held the position of Factory Director, Deputy Director of the Company. She is in charge of the production operations team of the line system with nearly one hundred operators, but all production departments are managed scientifically and efficiently. With professional knowledge and a high sense of responsibility at work, from 2020 until now, she has been trusted by the Board of Directors to assign the task of CEO of the Company, becoming the captain to steer the children. Vietfoods boat is firmly established in the fiercely competitive market.

In addition to the role of a woman who has to complete the work in the family well and shoulder an important position of the Company, Ms. Phuong has always done the best in everything assigned.

As the Director of the Company, she always shows the role of a passionate, qualified and brave leader who always follows and guides the staff to overcome difficulties at work. . Busy and stressful like that, but yet she rarely gets angry with her subordinates. At work, she is an exemplary, psychological leader, ready to point out mistakes and motivate and encourage staff morale. In daily life, she is a friendly, simple and sociable sister.

With the scientific management, supervision and administration of Ms. Phuong and the direction and encouragement of research and creation of new products, Vietfoods has gradually risen to become one of the leading units in the manufacturing industry. jelly in our country. Not only that, the Company has also become a partner of many businesses around the world such as Japan, Russia, Malaysia,... The impressive growth numbers during the Covid-19 pandemic have partly confirmed the efforts of the whole team and the correct leadership of the Board of Directors, including Ms. Phuong.

During the journey of establishment and development, the Company has achieved many impressive achievements:

  • From 2013-2022: For 10 consecutive years, the Company has won the title of High Quality Vietnamese Goods voted by consumers.
  • Continuously from 2018 to 2021, being in the Top 1,2,3 titles of Vietnamese High Quality Goods loved by consumers.
  • In 2020, receive the emulation flag and in 2021 receive the certificate of merit from the Hanoi People's Committee.

Every proud development of Vietfoods is marked by the female leader Le Thi Hau Phuong. She broke down social barriers and became a shining example of "good at domestic work, doing housework" for women to strive for. Wishing you a lot of health to continue your meaningful journey.

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