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Tuesday, April 16, 2024



The CWE project helps women entrepreneurs improve knowledge and skills in business administration and information technology

In opening speech, Ms. Trinh Thi Huong, Deputy Director of the Agency for Enterprise Development, Ministry of Planning and Investment, CWE Project Director, shared: "In the context that the economy and society are experiencing many changes, dynamic and growing so rapidly, improving business management capacity for small and medium-sized enterprises in general and women-owned enterprises in particular is extremely important. This training course will improve women entrepreneurs with the necessary knowledge and skills in strategic thinking and action, creating sustainable growth for their businesses. The training content will help women entrepreneurs gain the necessary knowledge and management skills, in order to help women entrepreneurs build business models, build business development strategies, and develop businesses; learn about action plans and especially how to apply artificial intelligence in business management in the digital era to support female entrepreneurs to always be ready and take advantage of every opportunity to develop their business. .”

Ms. Trinh Thi Huong, Deputy Director of Agency for Enterprise Development , Ministry of Planning and Investment - CWE Project Director.

Tham gia khóa đào tạo là gần 100 đại biểu đến từ các doanh nghiệp do nữ làm chủ thuộc nhiều lĩnh vực khác nhau. Các học viên đã bày tỏ sự hào hứng và mong muốn được trang bị những kiến thức và kỹ năng cần thiết để nâng cao năng lực quản trị doanh nghiệp của mình.

     Instructor Bui Quang Cuong together with the students took turns learning about concepts and practical instructions to apply business administration knowledge and skills into practice. The part that excited the students was the application. Apply information technology to practice building business models, business development strategies and operating plans, as well as practice building specific task descriptions or other expanded requirements in management for sustainable development of the business.

Overview of the conference

In addition, Ms. Duong Thi Kim Lien, CWE project coordinator, also guided female entrepreneurs to learn about resources that can support women entrepreneurs. According to Ms. Lien, the Acency for Enterprise Development - Ministry of Planning and Investment, along with the CWE project, has taken the initiative to build an ecosystem to support Vietnamese women entrepreneurs http://we.business.gov.vn/vi -vn/ aims to promote business development and market participation of women, contributing to improving lives, reducing poverty and accelerating economic development in Vietnam. The project's gender-responsive business support ecosystem, providing a wealth of information on innovative financial sources, programs, projects, and support resources for women entrepreneurs, businesses with employing many female workers, attracting the participation of many business support organizations, sponsors, stakeholders, especially national associations, associations, and business women's clubs. Women entrepreneurs need to clearly understand these policies to be able to access and effectively use resources to support business development.

The training course "Strategic thinking and actions to create sustainable growth for women's businesses" is one of the key activities of the CWE project. The CWE project is implemented by the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (UN-ESCAP), the government partner agency in Vietnam is the Acency for Enterprise Development - Ministry of Planning and Investment. Invest. The program is funded by the Canadian government. 

At the end of the training course, the students expressed their interest and desire to continue participating in similar training courses in the future. They believe that the training course has helped them equip them with the necessary knowledge and skills to improve their business management capacity, thereby helping their businesses develop sustainably.

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