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CEO Tam Dinh - Entrepreneurial bravery in the new era, worthy of the title "Queen of office machines"

Challenging start

Succeeding with business, Ms. Tam Dinh – General Director of Phu Son Group Joint Stock Company has portrayed the image of a new-age businesswoman: bravery, talent and always ready to commit. However, few people know that when she first started her business, she had to go through many difficulties and challenges.

In the early years of the 21st century, copiers were considered as high-end office equipment that not many companies and businesses dared to invest in. Not only because of the high cost, but also very difficult to import copiers.

However, with her business acumen, she still decided to invest in this field. Having a little capital, she contributed shares to establish the Phu Son copier brand.

In the early days of establishment, Phu Son had only 4.5 employees, meager capital, and the strict requirements of the market made difficulties piled up.

Besides, the recruitment of personnel, team building and corporate culture is also one of the dilemmas.

Seize the opportunity

Ms. Tam Dinh believes that "good opportunities are often not clear, but clearly it is not necessarily your turn", so she always puts the spirit of effort and is ready to break through when the opportunity arises.


Businesswoman in the 4.0 era – Tam Dinh with the motto dare to think and dare to do.

The opportunity came, Phu Son was licensed to import photocopiers, which officially brought Phu Son Group to a new page.

However, the joy was not long before difficulties came, the cost of a new copier was too high, making businesses hesitant to invest, and imported goods were difficult to consume. The problem now is how to both optimize costs and still ensure to bring quality products to consumers.

After a period of research and working with many foreign suppliers, she has found the most optimal solution with new copiers of 90 - 99.9%. Although they are used copiers, the quality of these machines is still very good, ensuring to serve the printing needs of businesses as well as service stores throughout the country and save 30-50% of the cost of buying a new machine.

When the refurbished copiers in the box were introduced, the market and the positive reception confirmed Phu Son's leading position in the field of office machines in general and the copier industry in particularly.

Welknown as "Queen of Office Machines"

Possessing a beautiful appearance, confidence, dynamism, dare to think, dare to do Tam Dinh is also known as "the queen of office machines".


CEO Tam Dinh is also known as the "Queen of Office Machines".

With her determination, knowing how to seize opportunities, female entrepreneurs have brought many successes to Phu Son Group and affirmed its position as "the queen of office machines" in the fierce market.

At present, Phu Son Group has developed the Phu Son copier brand for 16 years with 6 branches and more than 100 agents nationwide. Providing photocopier rental services to nearly 1,000 businesses across the country.

Become an authorized distributor of office machine brands like as: Konica, Ricoh, Xerox, Toshiba, Sindoh, Kyocera... in Vietnam. In the TOP 3 units that import the most copiers in the country.

Besides developing photocopiers, Phu Son Group is also an exclusive importer and distributor of KIP large format laser printers in Vietnam.

Established and developed ICOPY Academy - The first unit in Vietnam that provides professional and methodical training for the copier field. ICOPY has helped hundreds of students become excellent experts and technicians in the field of office machines…

Sharing about her future plans, young businesswoman Tam Dinh hopes that she will continue to learn and equip herself with more professional knowledge as well as soft skills to better run her business, and at the same time improve her skills. product quality and customer service. With his energy and determination, CEO Tam Dinh will surely achieve more success in the future.


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