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Tuesday, April 16, 2024



Business loans Sacombank 2021: Conditions, procedures, interest rates?

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With the current economic development, the need to use capital for business is a concern of the majority of businesses and individuals. To meet business capital needs, most banks in the current market provide financial loan product packages for business. In which, Sacombank business loan - is a loan package that provides many customers with legal economic activities flexible and timely capital for business activities. Customers can refer to some information below about Sacombank's business loans: Interest rates, conditions, procedures?

Comprehensive financial program for women-owned businesses affected by Covid-19

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With the goal of creating conditions for Women-owned Small and Medium Enterprises (WSMEs) to recover and develop their production and business activities due to the impact of COVID-19, the Project: “Support to minimize the impact of COVID-19 COVID-19 pandemic for women-owned small and medium-sized enterprises” when borrowing from commercial banks participating in the project (BIDV, SHB, TPB, VPB, ACB) of ABD with comprehensive policies for Women-owned businesses are as follows:

BIDV's Comprehensive Financial Program for SMEs and Women-owned Enterprises

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With the goal of creating conditions for Women-owned Small and Medium Enterprises (WSMEs) to recover and develop their production and business activities due to the impact of Covid-19, on the occasion of International Women's Day (March 8). 2021), BIDV launches Comprehensive Financial Program to mitigate the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on Women-owned SMEs with funding from ADB and BIDV with attractive financial and non-financial solutions

SMEs Development Fund (SMEDF)

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The SMEDF is a non-budget state financial fund, operating for non-profit purposes, established by the Prime Minister in 2017. The three functions of the SMEDF include support for small and medium-sized enterprises through lending, financing and supporting capacity building of enterprises through consultancy and training activities. At the same time, the other task of the SMEDF Fund is to attract external resources and the bank to implement support activities in addition to capital allocated by the State.

TYM: Women Targeted Micro Finance Institution

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TYM Micro Finance Institution, founded and owned by the Vietnamese Women Union, possess 27 years of operation on micro finance in Viet Nam. There are 70 branches and transaction office of TYM in 13 provinces and cities – including 71 districts and 649 communes – serving 138.000 poor, near-poor and low-income women. Outstanding loans of TYM reach nearly USD 65.8 million. In addition, the Institution offers various saving schemes to help women accumulate wealth, better manage their finance, and further develop their businesses. The total saving balance of TYM is about USD 50.85 million.


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