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About CEO Lai Thi Hong Van and GM-CORP Jointstock company

1. Introduction about GM- CORP JOINT STOCK COMPANY.
GM CORP JOINT STOCK COMPANY. (GM-CORP) specializes in supplying materials for garment and consumer industries such as clothing tags, embroidery/woven labels, heat transfer labels, clothes hangers, sticker labels, tape needles, hanging ropes, buttons, plastic shopping bags, paper boxes…

We Standards in Manufacturing and Customer Service Ensure consistency across all of our plants. The specific focus on QC and inspection processes makes us the perfect partner for multinational apparel manufacturers and retailers.

Play a prominently active role in the brand apparel packaging industry from a local and global perspective, by providing our customers with outstanding customer service, excellent products and solutions. creative cost savings.

We are providing:

Clothing branding solutions
Retail packaging solutions
Custom branding solutions
Our product catalog:
Labels: Woven labels, embroidery labels, thermal printing labels, tags, sticker labels, textiles
Packaging: Cartons, paper bags, plastic bags, eco bags, paper hangers
Accessories: Desiccant bag, lattice, string, tape, button
2. Our Solution
2.1 Branding solutions

Providing a wide range of solutions to brand owners and their strategic partners, our capabilities and resources are the one-stop destination for all of the diverse packaging and decoration needs of the brand. brand. GM CORP has broken with the traditional means of brand messaging and strives to deliver new and innovative products with the quality that brand owners expect.

2.2 Retail packaging solutions

Creating outstanding retail packaging is the backbone of GM CORP. Boasting a team of dynamic, talented designers, your company is guaranteed a bespoke service. We develop packaging that perfectly delivers your company's message through solution optimal retail packaging. From single product startups to established brands that require easily scalable retail packaging for multiple items, partnering with our experts will pay off. money to ensure the best display of your goods.

2.3 Customizing solutions for branding

Our custom branding solutions will provide an idea way to convey and differentiate your brand image. Not only will it help you generate new leads for your business, but it will also promote a positive and professional image. By enhancing the display of your company name, brand, safety message and logo, it promotes teamwork in the workplace.

3. Certification of GM - CORP

4. Gm Corp confidently meets your needs

Quotation time within 24-48 hours.
Sample development time 7-10 days. For simple, undemanding products that require high mold costs, you will never have to worry about sample fees.
After-sales service is always a top concern. Problems arising after the order such as lack of quantity on the line, small amount of compensation, quantity of goods arising in size, we are always ready to support customers as quickly as possible.
JOINT STOCK COMPANY GM CORP. is one of the leading reputable suppliers trusted by domestic garment manufacturers, companies, factories, printing factories and foreign corporations, especially buyers from Korea/USA/ Europe

To do that, Ms. VAN had to go through a process of learning and accumulating profound experiences

GM-CORP is one of the first enterprises in Vietnam focusing on specializing in label products, accessories for the garment industry, Leather, Footwear & Handbags, label products such as Woven Labels, Printed Labels, Cards. types, thermal transfer labels, stickers, barcodes, ... with modern machinery lines, highly experienced staff, knowledgeable about techniques, features and standards of customers and markets international.
In recent years, GM-CORP has been fortunate and favorable to become the official supplier for Puma of TPU printed labels and Paper Hooks; Lacoste for all Trims and Packaging products such as Woven Labels, Printed Labels, Cards, Cloth bags, poly bags, cartons and especially provides Paper Boxes and Poly Zipper Bags for Walmart's mask products, here are the positive results that GM-Corp has recorded.
With the development orientation of GM-CORP to become a professional unit in the field of Labels serving the Garment industry in particular and Leather, Footwear and Handbags in general, GM-CORP has been interested and applied since its establishment. immediately apply the quality management system ISO 9001-2015, evaluate SMETA -Sedex annually. Simultaneously grasping the global trend of sustainable development, GM-CORP has applied the FSC standard directly on paper products produced directly at the enterprise's factory, and at the same time applied it in the supply chain. comply with the regulations and standards of the FSC.

Certificate information: ISO 9001, FSC, Smeta Sedex.

6. Contact GM CORP via:



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