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Policies and Schemes for supporting Small and Medium sized Enterprises, Women-owned Enterprises in Yen Bai Province


In order to support and develop businesses, especially small and medium-sized enterprises and women-owned enterprises, the People's Committee of Yen Bai province has issued a number of support programs and policies as follows:

1. Decision No. 1963/QD-UBND dated September 3, 2020 of the People's Committee of Thai Binh Province on the approval of the Project to support small and medium-sized enterprises for creative startups in Yen Bai province in the period of 2020 -2025 with some main goals and contents as follows:

(a) Objectives:

* General objective

- Implement specific policies and laws of the State into specific support contents for innovative start-up SMEs, contributing to increasing start-up activities in the province, forming businesses with rapid growth, contributing to the local economic and social development.

- Promote the formation and development of start-up support organizations, create technical infrastructure to improve the quality and efficiency of start-up support activities.

* Detail goal

- Every year at least 05 creative start-up SMEs are supported with contents under the Scheme. Striving to 2025, more than 25 innovative start-up SMEs will be supported.

- Organize at least 02 training courses on innovative start-ups each year for over 100 small and medium-sized enterprises; conducting 02 topics, reportage on creative start-up activities; propagate the province's successful innovative start-ups on Yen Bai Radio and Television Station.

(b) Main supporting content:

- Support administrative procedures.

- Financial support, credit.

- Support production site.

- Technology innovation support.

- Support human resource development.

- Support market expansion.

- Consulting support on intellectual property; exploitation and development of intellectual property.

- Funding support for organization and prizes for innovative start-up competitions organized by the province.

- Support start-up communication.

- Support the implementation of procedures on standards, technical regulations, measurement, quality, testing, completion of new products, new business models.

- Support on application, technology transfer.

- Support in training, information, trade promotion, commercialization.

- Support to use technical facilities, incubators, and co-working areas.

c. Contact agency: Department of Planning and Investment

2. Decision No. 144/QD-UBND dated 9/7/2020 of the People's Committee of the People's Committee to implement the policy of supporting small and medium-sized enterprises in Yen Bai Province in 2020 with a number of objectives and main contents as follows: after:

(a) Objectives:

In the period 2020 - 2025, SMEs in the province will enjoy the province's support policies according to Resolution No. 09/2020/NQ-HDND with a support budget of about 70 billion VND. In particular, in 2020, strive to support SMEs in the province with a support budget of 13 billion VND or more.

(b) Main supporting content:

- Plan to support small and medium enterprises.

- Regarding propaganda and dissemination of the plan.

- Regarding the reform of administrative procedures, creating openness in the implementation of policies to support small and medium enterprises.

- On strengthening state management of small and medium enterprises.

(c) Contact point: Department of Finance

3. Plan No. 106/KH-UBND dated May 9, 2020 of Thai Binh Provincial People's Committee on gender equality and women's advancement in Yen Bai Province in 2020 with a number of goals and contents. The main content is as follows:

(a) Objectives:

To step up activities of propaganda, dissemination and education of policies and laws on gender equality in order to create a strong change in awareness in order to promote the whole society to change behavior to realize gender equality; improve the capacity and effectiveness of state management of gender equality; raise the status of women, towards substantive gender equality.

(b) Main supporting content:

- Develop an implementation plan for the effective, creative and economical implementation of the "Month of action for gender equality and prevention of gender-based violence in 2020" from November 15, 2020 to December 15, 2020. Economical, contagious.

- Implement activities to propagate, disseminate and educate policies and laws on gender equality.

- Improve capacity and effectiveness of state management on gender equality and work for the advancement of women in the province.

- Continue to effectively implement and summarize and evaluate the results of the implementation of the National Strategy on Gender Equality for the 2011-2020 period; National action program on gender equality for the period 2016 - 2020; Project "Prevention and response to gender-based violence in the period 2016 - 2020 with a vision to 2030"; The project supports the implementation of national goals on gender equality.

(c) Contact point: Department of Labor - Invalids and Social Affairs

4. Directive No. 13/CT-UBND dated January 15, 2021 of the People's Committee on strengthening gender equality and working for the advancement of women in the province with some goals and contents main as follows:

(a) Objectives:

- Synchronously deploying legal support activities for SMEs, creating fundamental changes in legal awareness, legal awareness and law compliance habits of SMEs; helping SMEs in the province do business effectively, prevent legal risks and enhance competitiveness, contributing to improving the state management by law for SMEs.

- Ensure the initiative and consistency in directing and implementing legal support activities for SMEs.

- Through legal support activities for SMEs, propose and recommend to competent agencies and persons to consider and remove difficulties and obstacles or amend, supplement and issue regulatory documents. on legal support for SMEs and documents related to the operation of SMEs.

(b) Main supporting content:

- Providing information, including information on domestic law, information on international law, warning of legal risks and policies of industry, field and province related to SMEs.

- Developing the operating regulations of the legal advisory group for SMEs.

- Fostering legal knowledge for managers and legal officers of small and medium-sized enterprises; for those working in legal support for SMEs and fostering legal knowledge for the Legal Advisory Group for SMEs.

- Legal solutions for SMEs.

- Continue to manage, maintain and update news, activities of enterprises and management fields of the Provincial People's Committee related to their activities on the business support information page of the Portal. conscious.

c. Contact agency: Department of Justice.

5. Business support/investment promotion website/portal:

Link to the web portal of Yen Bai Province.

6. Online public service portal and electronic one-stop shop of the province/city: providing information on administrative procedures, business registration, social insurance, frequently asked questions, citizen guidance , enterprise.

Link to the portal:


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