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Policies and Schemes for supporting Small and Medium sized Enterprises, Women-owned Enterprises in Vinh Phuc province


In order to support and develop businesses, especially small and medium-sized enterprises and women-owned enterprises, the People's Committee of Vinh Phuc  province has issued a number of support programs and policies as follows:

1. Plan No. 5687/KH-UBND dated August 1, 2018 of the People's Committee to implement the Directive No. 15/CT-TTG of June 15, 2018 of the Prime Minister on organizing the implementation. effectively implement the Law on Supporting Small and Medium Enterprises with a number of main objectives and contents as follows:

(a) Objectives:

- Implement the Law on Supporting SMEs and Directive No. 15/CT-TTg dated June 15, 2018 of the Prime Minister in accordance with the province's practice; promote the initiative, determine the responsibilities of branches, levels, agencies and units in supporting SMEs in the province. Concretize the objectives and tasks set out in the plan to implement solutions to implement Directive No. 15/CT-TTg dated June 15, 2018 of the Prime Minister.

- Strengthen the propaganda, dissemination, guidance and implementation of legal documents on supporting SMEs in their assigned management fields so that cadres, civil servants, public employees, employees in departments, Committees, branches, unions, People's Committees of districts and cities raise awareness of SME support activities, thimeby actively responding and organizing the strict implementation of support mechanisms and policies for SMEs.

- Create a real change in the implementation of support for SMEs in Vinh Phuc province.

(b) Main supporting content:

- Strengthen propaganda, dissemination, guidance and implementation of legal documents on supporting SMEs.

- Organize the implementation of specific tasks and solutions of the Directive.

c. Contact agency: Department of Planning and Investment

2. Plan No. 3958/KH-UBND dated July 1, 2015 of the People's Committee on supporting small and medium enterprises in the period 2016-2020 with a number of objectives and main contents as follows:

(a) Objectives:

* General objective

- Consolidating and developing SMEs in both quantity and quality with a reasonable scale, with appropriate and modern technology, with an effective, competitive and sustainable development organizational model of production management. steady; actively participate in the value chain (production and distribution) of goods and services in the provincial and national economy; make an important contribution to the economic development of the province, create jobs and raise people's income.

- Accelerate business development and improve the competitiveness of SMEs, create a favorable, equal and transparent business and investment environment so that SMEs can contribute more and more to economic development and improve business performance. national competitiveness.

- Mobilizing and mobilizing resources inside and outside the province, participating in or supporting organizations and individuals to invest in developing rural industrial production and industrial promotion services according to the province's industrial development planning .

- Contribute to the restructuring of the agricultural and rural economy in the direction of industrialization and modernization, accelerate the development of the handicraft market, restore the traditional craft villages, introduce and develop new occupations in order to create jobs to increase incomes and real estate. redistribution of social labor.

- Support and create conditions for organizations and individuals of all economic sectors to invest in setting up businesses for production and business, especially in rural industry development in a sustainable way, and capacity building. competition in international economic integration.

* Specific goals until 2020

- By the end of 2020, strive to have over 9,500 SMEs operating in the economy.

- Investment of the SME sector accounts for 20-25% of the province's total investment capital.

- SMEs contribute 15-20% of the province's GDP; 10%-15% of the province's total budget revenue.

- The value of export turnover of SMEs reaches 15%-17% of the province's total export turnover.

- SMEs create from 60 to 70 thousand new jobs.

- Orientation on the structure of the main industries of SMEs: Service: 50%-52%, Industry: 30%-33%, Construction: 10%-13%, Agriculture: 5%-7%.

(b) Main supporting content:

- The main orientation is to support small and medium enterprises.

- Implementation solution to support small and medium enterprises in the period 2016-2020.

- Programs and projects to support small and medium enterprises in the period 2016-2020.

(c) Contact point: Department of Planning and Investment

3. Decision No. 3400/QD-UBND dated December 31, 2020  of the People's Committee promulgating the legal support program for small and medium-sized enterprises in Vinh Phuc province for the period of 2021-2025 with a number of objectives. The main content and objectives are as follows:

(a) Objectives:

* General objective:

- Ensure timely, drastic changes in the quality and effectiveness of legal support work for businesses in the province in the period of 2021-2025, improve the quality and effectiveness of the support work. legal support for small and medium-sized enterprises, bringing legal support activities into reality, efficiency, focus and focus, contributing to improving the competitiveness of small and medium enterprises in the province.

- Synchronously deploying legal support activities for enterprises, creating fundamental changes in legal awareness, legal consciousness and law compliance habits of enterprises; helping enterprises in the province to do business effectively, prevent legal risks and enhance the competitiveness of enterprises, contributing to improving the state management by law for enterprises.

- Ensure the initiative and consistency in directing and administering the implementation of legal support activities for small and medium-sized enterprises, improving the efficiency of state management of small and medium-sized enterprises. in the local area.

* Detail goal:

- To basically overcome the situation of enterprises having difficulty in accessing and finding out relevant legal information. Create conditions to support and improve the capacity of officials, specialists, agencies and organizations performing legal support work for small and medium-sized enterprises.

- To basically meet the requirements of fostering business legal knowledge for business managers and skills and professionalism for legal officers of small and medium-sized enterprises; 100% of small and medium enterprises with requests and recommendations are supported and resolved in a timely manner. Organizing the propagation, dissemination and training of legal knowledge on enterprises for managers of small and medium-sized enterprises, employees working in small and medium-sized enterprises in the province and related subjects. othim authority.

- Mobilize and encourage all resources of the province to form and develop a network of corporate legal advice; Completing a network of legal consultants including lawyers, legal consultants for businesses in difficult areas in accessing legal information.

- Legal support activities for small and medium-sized enterprises are carried out on the basis of coordination between state agencies and representative organizations of enterprises; organizations and individuals providing legal support services for businesses to ensure publicity, transparency and efficiency.

(b) Main supporting content:

- Establishing a network of legal advice for small and medium enterprises

- Legal advice for small and medium enterprises

- . Assess the need for legal support for businesses in each period, industry and field in the province to determine the content of legal knowledge training and dissemination of legal documents according to legal topics. Laws for managers and legal assistants of enterprises; team of legal consultants; business leaders and legal officers.

- Providing information on domestic law, information on foreign law, international law, warning of legal risks and policies of industry, field and Vinh Phuc province related to small and medium enterprises.

- Inspection and supervision of legal support activities for small and medium enterprises.

(c) Contact point: Department of Justice.

4. Implementing the Government's Project 939 "Supporting women to start a business in the period of 2017-2025", the Women's Union of Vinh Phuc province has implemented many practical and effective activities, arousing the spirit of entrepreneurship. for members; help women confidently, boldly develop the economy, get rich.

(a) Objectives:

The Women's Union of Vinh Phuc province has developed and implemented project 939 "Supporting women to start a business in the period of 2017-2025" with practical activities and effective models to accompany the startup ideas of women. local women.

(b) Contents:

  • Specifically, during the project implementation phase, the Association guided the Women's Union at all levels to advise and develop appropriate plans for each locality; promote propaganda of guidelines and policies of the Party and the State on preferential mechanisms and policies on capital and credit, support to improve knowledge in entrepreneurship and business start-up for women members.
  • In addition, the Women's Union of Vinh Phuc province also organizes many activities to help spread the entrepreneurial spirit of women such as: the forum "Women entrepreneurship, opportunities and challenges", launching Women's Day start-up, create for members to exchange, introduce products, promote brands, exchange and learn experiences in business development; coordinate with related units to organize training "Promoting facebook social network business", training on business start-up, business start-up and business administration.
  • Clubs "Women start-up incubators"   were also establihed in some places, typically in two districts: Tam Duong, Vinh Tuong to support women in starting their own businesses. Not only individual female members have successful start-up models, but many business models of women's groups also bring practical effects such as: The model of the association of Hop Thinh cake production groups, Tam Duong district. ; Joint group for production of vermicelli and cakes in Hop Ly, Lap Thach district; Women's group associated with red flesh dragon fruit trees in Tan Lap commune, Song Lo district...
  • From 2018 to now, the whole province of Vinh Phuc has had more than 500 business start-up ideas from women members. The Provincial Women's Union selected 200 ideas to guide the development of business ideas. In addition, the Association also helps members access credit loans through preferential loan channels of the Bank for Social Policies, Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development, related programs and projects. to the implementation of start-up projects to help members get loans for economic development and get rich legitimately.

(c) Contact point: Women's Union.

5. Business support/investment promotion website/portal:

Link to the web portal of Vinh Phuc Province.

6. Online public service portal and electronic one-stop shop of the province/city: providing information on administrative procedures, business registration, social insurance, frequently asked questions, citizen guidance , enterprise.

Link to the portal:


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