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Policies and Schemes for supporting Small and Medium sized Enterprises, Women-owned Enterprises in Khanh Hoa province


In order to support and develop businesses, especially small and medium-sized enterprises and women-owned enterprises, the People's Committee of Khanh Hoa province has issued a number of support programs and policies as follows:

1. Decision No. 2343/QD-UBND in 2015 on the Plan to support small and medium-sized enterprises for the period 2016-2020 2021 in the province with a number of objectives and main contents as follows:

(a) Objectives:

Implement synchronously and effectively the contents of supporting SMEs specified in the Law on Supporting SMEs and guiding documents; in order to accelerate the development of SMEs in the province; attracting investment capital for development, creating jobs; create a favorable, equal and stable investment and business environment for SMEs to contribute increasingly to the province's socio-economic development; contributing to improving the competitiveness and international economic integration of the province.

Detail goal:

- More than 6,000 enterprises registered for establishment, increasing the number of newly registered enterprises to 18,000 enterprises by the end of the period,

- SMEs contribute about 45% of the total value of industrial production, export turnover reaches from 60% to 65% of the province's total export turnover.

- Create 25,000 to 30,000 new jobs,

- More than 6,000 SMEs directly benefit from policies and programs to support human resource training, national and local trade promotion, industrial promotion,

- 65% of SMEs get loans from credit institutions. Outstanding loans to SMEs account for 40% of total loans in the province.

- Organize 27 seminars on Investment Law, Enterprise Law, Real Estate Business Law… Timely dissemination of legal documents related to enterprises' production and business activities,

- Organized 100 training courses including Business Start-up, Corporate Governance and related contents to the project "Improving productivity and product quality for SMEs in Khanh Hoa province in the period 2015-2020" ; 05 courses of corporate executives (CEOs) and othim topics at the request of businesses. Survey to assess the need for assistance in training and fostering human resources for SMEs to serve as a basis for organizing training courses suitable to the actual needs of enterprises.

- Organize about 15 fairs to promote products for businesses.

(b) Main supporting content:

  • Business Administration Training
  • Start a business
  • Survey and assessment of training support needs
  • Seminars
  • Promotion program
  • Trade promotion program
  • Program to improve productivity and product quality

(c) Contact point: Khanh Hoa Provincial People's Committee.

2. Resolution No. 16/2020/NQ-HDND dated December 7, 2020 on support for space rents for small and medium-sized enterprises and industrial clusters in the province in the period of 2021-2025 with some contents as follows: after:

a) Subjects

- Enterprises establihed, organized and operating in accordance with the law on enterprises, meeting the criteria for identifying small and medium-sized enterprises as prescribed in Article 4 of the Law on Support for Small and Medium Enterprises, Article 6 of Decree No. 39/2018/ND-CP dated March 11, 2018 detailing a number of articles of the Law on Supporting Small and Medium Enterprises.

This Resolution does not apply to foreign-invested small and medium-sized enterprises, state-owned small and medium-sized enterprises.

- Investors in infrastructure of industrial parks and industrial clusters.

- Agencies, organizations and individuals involved in supporting small and medium enterprises.

b) Supporting content:

Ground rent support level for small and medium enterprises in industrial parks and industrial clusters in Khanh Hoa province

- Small and medium-sized enterprises, when renting production and business locations in industrial parks and industrial clusters, will be supported by the provincial budget with 50% of the ground rent/m2/year based on the sublease area of ​​the company. investors in infrastructure of industrial parks and industrial clusters.

The maximum support area is 10,000m2 and the maximum support amount is 100,000,000 VND/enterprise/year.

- Support for ground rents specified in this Article is done through price compensation for infrastructure investors in industrial parks and industrial clusters in the province to reduce space rental prices for small businesses and enterprises. fit. The compensation amount is deducted from the land rental amount or supported from the provincial budget.

- Support period: The support period is 05 years from the date infrastructure investors and small and medium-sized enterprises sign a lease contract for the period 2021-2025.


c) Implementation organization: People's Committee of Khanh Hoa province.

3. Decision No. 983/QD-UBND dated April 29, 2020 on approving the legal support program for small and medium-sized enterprises in Khanh Hoa province in the period of 2021-2026 with some contents as follows:

a) Objectives:

- To basically overcome the situation of small and medium enterprises having difficulty in accessing and finding out relevant legal information.

- To basically meet the requirements of legal knowledge training for managers and legal officers of small and medium-sized enterprises.

- Organizing legal consultancy activities, solving legal problems for enterprises and othim legal consulting activities in accordance with the provisions of law on the basis of existing resources and needs of the enterprise. small and medium enterprises.


b) Main contents:

- Activity providing information.

- Legal knowledge training activities.

- Legal consulting activities.

c) Contact point: Department of Justice of Khanh Hoa province.

4. Implementation plan of the project "Supporting women to start a business in the period 2017-2025" in Binh Dinh province with some main objectives and contents as follows:

Implementing the project, over the years, the Women's Unions at all levels have cooperated with agencies, departments and branches to connect with economic experts of universities: Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology. Ho Chi Minh City, University of the Pacific, Nha Trang University opened 50 training courses to provide knowledge and skills to 252 women members who had ideas to start a business and more than 3,000 women members who are starting a business. business, start a business.

In addition, in order to strengthen the capacity of the staff of the association to support women in starting and developing businesses, the women's unions at all levels have actively connected with economic experts to open 20 training courses, provide management and administration skills for 303 turns of full-time staff of associations at all levels, officials of departments and sectors participating in the project implementation... Especially, from the scheme, many women's associations opened start-up festivals. , creativity festival, creating opportunities for women with ideas and start-up products to promote their products to the market... Typically, the startup product idea contest in 2020 organized by the Provincial Women's Union. organization.

Develop multiple networks:

To support the connection, introduce and promote the products of women's members to consumers, the Provincial Women's Union actively organized product demonstrations at startup forums and fairs with nearly 200 visitors. participating companies and business households. “Thanks to the bridge of the Provincial Women's Union, it has created conditions to connect women with the same idea and desire to start a business.

On the othim hand, with 2 capital sources from the Bank for Social Policies and the Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development, the Women's Unions at all levels introduced 1,861 women members who are starting businesses and 16 members of the association. Cooperatives and cooperative groups borrowed more than 156 billion VND. In addition, the Provincial Women's Union has signed a cooperation program with Southeast Asia Bank and Lien Viet Post Bank for 123 people to receive unsecured loans with the amount of 6.5 billion VND….

(c) Contact point: The Provincial Women's Union, based on the approved contents of the Plan, assumes the prime responsibility for coordinating with relevant branches, agencies, units and People's Committees of districts, towns and cities. implementation organization.

5. Business support/investment promotion page/portal

Link to the web portal of Khanh Hoa province:


6. Online public service portal and electronic one-stop shop of the province/city: providing information on administrative procedures, business registration, social insurance… frequently asked questions, public guidance people, businesses….

Link to the portal:


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