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Policies and Schemes for supporting Small and Medium sized Enterprises, Women-owned Enterprises in Dak Nong province


In order to support and develop businesses, especially small and medium-sized enterprises and women-owned enterprises, the People's Committee of Dak Nong province has issued a number of support programs and policies as follows:

1. Decision No. 3019/QD-UBND dated December 31, 2019 on Approval of the project to support innovative small and medium-sized enterprises in the province until 2025 with a number of objectives and main contents as follows: :

(a) Objectives:

Implement synchronously and effectively the contents of supporting SMEs specified in the Law on Supporting SMEs and guiding documents; Supporting innovative small and medium enterprises; Create a favorable environment to support the formation and development of fast-growing businesses based on the exploitation of intellectual property, technology and new business models; in order to accelerate the development of SMEs in the province; attracting investment capital for development, creating jobs; create a favorable, equal and stable investment and business environment for SMEs to contribute increasingly to the province's socio-economic development; contributing to improving the competitiveness and international economic integration of the province.

(b) Main supporting content:

  • Consulting support on intellectual property; exploitation and development of intellectual property:
  • Support 100% of the value of the consulting contract on procedures for establishment, transfer and protection of intellectual property rights, but not exceeding VND 05 million/object of intellectual property rights;
  • Support 100% of the value of the consulting contract on formulating and implementing policies and strategies on intellectual property activities, but not exceeding 15 million VND/enterprise;
  • Support 100% of the contract value of consulting and designing, registering for protection, exploiting and developing the value of trademarks, industrial designs and inventions; but not more than 40 million VND/enterprise;
  • Support 100% of the value of the consulting contract on construction and development of intellectual property for geographical indications for key products of the province, but not more than 02 billion VND.
  • Support the implementation of procedures on standards, technical regulations, measurement and quality; testing, perfecting new products, new business models:
  • Providing free information on the system of domestic and international standards and regulations in the field of production and business of innovative start-ups;
  • Support 100% of the consulting contract value for enterprises to develop basic standards, but not more than 10 million VND/standard;
  • Support 50% of sample testing fee of measuring instruments; 50% support for inspection, calibration and testing of measuring instruments and standards; support 50% of the cost of granting quantitative stamps of pre-packed goods in accordance with measurement technical requirements but not exceeding 10 million VND per test and no more than once per year:
  • Support 100% of the consulting contract value for innovative start-ups to organize their own measurement, but not more than 10 million VND/enterprise;
  • Support 50% of testing fee on goods quality at the testing system under the state management agency, but not exceeding 10 million VND per test and no more than once per year.
  • Support for technology application and transfer: Support 50% of the cost of high-tech application contract and technology transfer contract, but not exceeding 100 million VND per contract and not more than one contract per year.
  • Support in training, information, trade promotion, commercialization:
  • Support 50% of the cost of intensive training on the following contents: Building and developing products; commercialize products, call for investment capital; market development; connecting start-up networks with scientific research organizations and individuals. Support expenses must not exceed 20 million VND per training course and not more than 01 training course per year;
  • Free to search, exploit, provide information, database on inventions/useful solutions, technology information, research results;
  • Free to provide information and communication about connecting creative start-up networks, attracting investment from innovative startup investment funds.
  • Support for the use of the common work area: 100% of the cost of using equipment at technical facilities supporting small and medium enterprises, but not more than 5 million VND/month/enterprise.

In addition, the province also issued Resolution No. 54/2019/NQ-HDND dated December 11, 2019 on promulgating regulations on policies to support the innovation startup ecosystem and approving the policy of supporting the startup ecosystem. support small and medium enterprises to start creative in the province.

And Decision No. 869/QD-UBND dated June 12, 2019 on June 12, 2019 on announcing the list of administrative procedures to amend and supplement the field of support for small and medium-sized enterprises under its jurisdiction. Department of Planning and Investment.

(c) Contact point: Dak Nong Provincial People's Committee.

2. Policies and programs to support women starting a business in the period of 2018-2025 in Dak Nong province with some main objectives and contents as follows:

Dak Nong Provincial People's Committee approved the Plan on implementing the Scheme to support women starting a business in the period of 2018 - 2025 in the province, in 2018, the Women's Union of Dak Nong province determined to focus on mobilizing all resources to organize the implementation. solutions, connecting activities to help women rise to successful start-ups.

The Provincial Women's Union focused on surveying the needs of women who have ideas for starting a business, starting a business; encouraging urban women to implement business ideas suitable to practical conditions such as owning grocery stores, cosmetics, food services..., rural women developing blanket production raising and cultivating crops in the direction of association to build brands for key local products; Supporting the realization of women's creative ideas through the annual Women's Entrepreneurship Day organization, focusing on selecting potential business ideas/plans.

To support women in starting a business, the Association promotes activities to help women access capital from credit institutions and credit funds in the province's small and medium-sized business support program, which creates jobs. (120), the Provincial Collective Economic Development Support Funds, the Provincial Development Investment Fund, etc. to build the models of “Production and business along the value chain”, “Cooperative group/ Cooperatives”, “Women with key local industries”…; Mobilizing companies, businesses, organizations, individuals, members and women to participate in the construction of the "Fund to support women starting a business" in the period 2018 - 2025 at the provincial level to support and invest in start-up women; help women build brands/intellectual property, participate in vocational training classes, train knowledge on starting a business, starting a business, introducing trade promotion products...

Strengthening propaganda and mobilizing women to raise awareness, the Provincial Women's Union has built a page on starting a business and starting a business on the Association's website, women's flyers, newspapers, and provincial radio and television stations to propagate. spreading the women's entrepreneurship movement, typical examples in entrepreneurship and business development, introducing good practices, start-up women's products and goods, small and medium-sized businesses run by women female-owned; organize a dialogue between female businesses and leaders of the Party and government, female entrepreneurs and women who have ideas for starting a business or starting a business.

(c) Contact point: The Provincial Women's Union, based on the approved contents of the Plan, assumes the prime responsibility for coordinating with relevant branches, agencies, units and People's Committees of districts, towns and cities. implementation organization.

3. Business support page/portal/investment promotion

Link to the web portal of Dak Nong province:

4. Online public service portal and electronic one-stop shop of the province/city: providing information on administrative procedures, business registration, social insurance… frequently asked questions, public guidance people, businesses….

Link to the portal:

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