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Policies and Schemes for supporting Small and Medium sized Enterprises, Women-owned Enterprises in Bac Kan province


In order to support and develop businesses, especially small and medium-sized enterprises and women-owned enterprises, the People's Committee of Bac Kan province has issued a number of support programs and policies as follows:

1. Plan No. 51/KH-UBND dated February 3, 2021 on the Plan of Legal Support for Small and Medium Enterprises in 2021 in the province with some main objectives and contents as follows:

(a) Objectives:

- Implement synchronously and effectively the contents of supporting SMEs specified in the Law on Supporting SMEs and guiding documents; create a change in awareness, awareness and understanding of the law by creating conditions for enterprises to promptly access and grasp the basic contents of the law related to production and business activities. of the enterprise; Limit legal risks for small and medium-sized enterprises, business organizations and individuals in order to improve the provincial competitiveness index (PCI) as well as the legal compliance cost index (Bl) to promote speed up development for SMEs in the province; attracting investment capital for development and job creation; create a favorable, equal and stable investment and business environment for SMEs to contribute increasingly to the province's socio-economic development; contribute to improving the province's competitiveness and international economic integration.

(b) Main supporting content:

  • Providing legal information for businesses
  • Building, managing, maintaining, updating, exploiting and using legal database
  • Legal training for businesses
  • Answering, providing legal advice for businesses
  • Building a team of legal consultants for businesses

(c) Contact point: Department of Justice of Bac Kan province.

2. Resolution No. 09/NQ-HDND dated July 17, 2018 on Support for ground rent for small and medium-sized enterprises in industrial parks and industrial clusters in Bac Kan province with the following main contents: :

Support 50% of space rent (infrastructure use price) for small and medium enterprises in industrial parks and industrial clusters in Bac Kan province, but not exceeding 200 million VND/enterprise/year . The support period is 5 years from the date of signing the space lease contract.

In case a small and medium-sized enterprise concurrently meets the conditions of other policies with the same support content under this Resolution, the enterprise may choose the most beneficial support level.

3. Policies and programs to support women starting a business

2018 is the first year the Provincial Women's Union has implemented the Prime Minister's Decision 939/QD-TTg dated June 30, 2017 on the Project "Supporting women to start a business in the period 2017 - 2025", initially results in changing minds, helping members have ideas for planning, boldly investing, and developing the economy.

The scheme on setting goals by 2020, with a vision to 2025, has at least 90% of full-time association officials at all levels and branches participating in the implementation of the scheme to raise awareness and methods to support women in starting a business. industry, business development. 70% of women members are propagated, raised awareness about employment and entrepreneurship. Every year, supporting 20 women to start a business and start a business; coordinate and support the establishment of an effective cooperative/cooperative group managed by women.

For effective implementation, the Provincial Women's Union has developed a specific action plan for each year. Accordingly, in 2018, the Women's Union at all levels promoted the propaganda and implementation of the Scheme to members and women who wanted to start a business and develop the family economy; Women are managing and operating production and business through activities of branches, clubs and operating models of the Association. As a result, 473 propaganda sessions were organized, attracting 42,570 women to participate; organized 10 training courses for 670 full-time Association officials from province to commune level and representatives of branch heads, production and business models, cooperative groups and cooperatives.

Thereby, women were provided with knowledge about Project 939 "Supporting women to start a business in the period 2017 - 2025"; The project "One village, one product" (OCOP), helps improve women's understanding of entrepreneurship, starting a business, policies on career development...

The Provincial Women's Union also actively launched the "Start-up Women's Day", propagandizing and mobilizing officials, members, and women to participate in the 2018 Creative Products Contest organized by the Provincial Women's Union and the Provincial Farmers' Union. organization; The result has 11 ideas and products registered for the contest. Organized 4 experience-sharing seminars "Women start-up, create and connect". Here, sisters share experiences, good and effective ways in production and business; At the same time, business establishments have connected many agricultural products for women members to produce and trade such as fragrant zucchini, vermicelli, dried bamboo shoots... During the year, the Association supported 23 women at all levels. women start-up, start a local business with types such as beverage service, grocery, livestock, clean vegetable growing.

Provincial and district Women's Unions coordinated to organize a training course on business start-up and management knowledge for 165 women who want to start a business, develop family economy and women who are managing production and business. , small business households; training and capacity building for managers of cooperatives and cooperative groups established by associations at all levels, with the content of collective economic knowledge associated with new rural construction, skills operating organization and operation of cooperatives, cooperative groups, value chains, business accounting, market access, start-up knowledge, management, business development, marketing skills... Maintain operations activities of the Women's Enterprise Club in Bac Kan city with 17 members who are female businesses. Currently, the club maintains activities twice a year on March 8 and October 20 every year.

In addition, the province also issued Decision No. 116/QD-UBND dated January 22, 2018 on promulgating regulations on handling risky debts in the fund system to support women development in Bac Kan province.

(c) Contact point: People's Committee of Bac Kan province.

4. Business support/investment promotion page/portal

Link to the web portal of Bac Kan province:


5. Online public service portal and electronic one-stop shop of the province/city: providing information on administrative procedures, business registration, social insurance… frequently asked questions, public guidance people, businesses….

Link to the portal:



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